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We voyage This Magic Sea

  The most famous photograph of all time. NASA's Full Earth. Taken in December 1972  during the Apollo 17 voyage to the Taurus-Littrow region of the Moon.



This image of the Full Earth was taken half way to the moon by the Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, and Ron Evans. Three men were in the spacecraft and manipulated the controls of the camera, but the photo was, in a larger sense, taken, printed and distributed by the collective scientific and technical effort of millions of human beings. In one way or another, in the interconnections of nature, wealth, politics, and knowledge, every person and every creature of Earth participated in capturing the image. It is a self-portrait of a living planet.



A human egg on its voyage into the future.

This is an image of a human egg. Loosed from its walls in the ovary, the egg floats in a fluid almost identical to sea water. It is a tiny sphere, only 0.1-mm in diameter.




The two spheres have many similarities.




Both are small on their own scales, and yet filled with awesome potential.



Both spheres are alive.






Both are involved with the process of becoming.



We develop from the information contained in the egg, a sphere afloat in a sea of darkness.





We, collectively, develop within the elements of the planet, a sphere afloat in a sea of darkness. Both are images of all mankind, one because we share the same sphere together,


the other because we all look exactly the same when we are an egg.





We are created - each one of us, like all other plants and animals on our planet - as an image of a sphere floating in space, carried along by forces we neither perceive or understand.


Each of us, and all of us together, embark on our voyage into This Magic Sea as a very small, isolated sphere filled with ancient memories, heading out into an unknown ocean of possibilities.


Both spheres are beyond the horizons of perception of our unaided eyes. They can only be seen with the aid of technology. They are a collective perception. Although only a handful of individual humans have ever actually seen either sphere, millions of us have seen the photographs, and many more realize the spheres - and our identity with them - are realities, not metaphors.

Penetrating the mirrored surface of This Magic Sea requires finding patterns of identity, and in the reflection of these identities we discover our own being.

For an expedition into This Magic Sea, dive right in.

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